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 Fake Goods In The Wholesale Jewelry Business_175

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PostSubject: Fake Goods In The Wholesale Jewelry Business_175   Fake Goods In The Wholesale Jewelry Business_175 Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2011 8:58 pm

Fake Goods In The Wholesale Jewelry Business

A company that is in the jewelery business has to source stock from a wholesale jewelry company who sells the products at a lower price. Products are sold at a lower price due to them being bought in bulk to be sold on afterward. It is cheaper to buy products in bulk than to buy the individually. The business is able to get the products cheaper so they can get the best profit on them. Knowing which wholesaler to buy from can be problematic in itself.In the jewellery market there are many people offering wholesale prices, but you do have to be careful that the products are not copies. Many people sell copies as the genuine article. Not only is this illegal it also is morally wrong to sell a customer a fake brand.If a company does not know where to source products from a reputable wholesaler they might be the victim of purchasing copied goods. Not only does this make the company lose money, it also raises the ethical issue of whether to sell the goods on or not. It would be better for the company to lose money rather than sell them on as it could risk the companies reputation forever and this means the company might cease to exist.It is never more true that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Therefore if a product is sold at a ridiculously low price then you have to question the legitimacy of the product. A lot of copies have come from China, but that is not to say that all products sold from China are copies.Make sure that if products should have a warranty or guarantee that they do so. In previous years Ebay was attacked by an influx of fake, copied goods. This gives the genuine seller a bad name, but it also demonstrates that a business should be very careful when buying wholesale.A genuine wholesaler must be found if the company buying the stock is to ensure that their stock is the genuine article. Different wholesalers offer different prices and someone needs to research the options of each wholesaler and what they have to offer.When buying wholesale products it is a good idea to know the profit margin that a company wishes to make. Therefore products can be found that fit into this profit margin. It is a complete waste of a businesses money if they buy copied goods. A company that sells copied goods risks their reputation in the long run.It is also important to work out where the products are sold. If you are new to wholesale goods then you might not have your own shop and the only place you can sell is either friends or online. Working out your target market will help when it comes to selling the products.There are a lot of copies around and the internet has probably been partly responsible for the wide spread of copied goods. As people can go online and purchase goods all over the world. Chinese products have been particularly linked to copied goods, but all Countries are also likely to sell copied goods.

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PostSubject: Re: Fake Goods In The Wholesale Jewelry Business_175   Fake Goods In The Wholesale Jewelry Business_175 Icon_minitimeMon Jul 30, 2012 11:32 pm

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Fake Goods In The Wholesale Jewelry Business_175
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