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 Plus Size Coats A Glamorous Combination_1514

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PostSubject: Plus Size Coats A Glamorous Combination_1514   Plus Size Coats A Glamorous Combination_1514 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 20, 2011 9:17 am

Plus Size Coats A Glamorous Combination

I bet you have been in this situation. You take some time out of your busy schedule and you go to a high end party. While you are mingling with everyone you spot a plus size woman with a dress that you just would love to own. You are also plus size women and you know how difficult it could be to find such a dress. Not only is the dress fierce, you notice that she has all the necessary accessories to set off the look. Here shoes are prefect and have the right accent colors to make the dress stand out. She also has multiple jewelry items to show a little ice. You know that she took a lot of time to put that outfit together. You start to follow the women around the party to ask her where she purchased the dress but before you could stop her she heads for the exit and she gets here coat. The coat if in shambles and has a lot to be desired. To you she just messed up the entire outfit and turns you off from even wanting to find out more about the outfit. Are you surprised that a coat can do so much damage to a outfit? Well, it can and most women dont take the time to finish off the look of an outfit by spending time to pick a coat to match the outfit.Lets look at the proof of putting together an entire outfit including all the accessories and the plus size coat. A coat can work as an accent piece to bring out the special aspects of a dress. When picking out outfits have the end product already in your mind. This will provide a focus point for when you start looking at the different parts of the dress. With the focus point you will avoid making a wrong decision on the coat, thereby, having the coat work negatively against the dress. A messy plus size coat can attract negative energy that can in effect draw negative people to you. Would you want this kind of company? I know I would not want that kind of company.How should someone match up a plus size coat with a dress? One aspect would be to not have the coat to clash with the dress. The coat should accent the dress and draw your eyes forward to the reveal of the dress. An example of a clash would be to not have a pokadot coat overlaying a stripped dress or vice versa. The next aspect to be worried about would be the coat length. In certain weather like a snow storm or rain you would want to have a coat that is long to shade your legs. But a fairly cool day with a little warmer breeze you just may want to have a length coat. Jeans are a different story. A good combination for jeans would be something like a plus size pea coat. The materials of pea coats are perfect for jeans.I want to leave you with this. As I said before, plus size coats are just a important as the entire outfit. Forgetting to plan can be just a devastating as not putting together a great looking ensemble.

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PostSubject: Re: Plus Size Coats A Glamorous Combination_1514   Plus Size Coats A Glamorous Combination_1514 Icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2012 12:13 am

Thank you for telling me !
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Plus Size Coats A Glamorous Combination_1514
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